The Ph.D: A Life of Poverty

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A Masters Degree is a catwalk compared to the Ph.D. Think long and hard before you level up. This educational process could eat up a big portion of your life. If you are mainly interested in teaching theory at the university level, than by all means. However, I have taught at six universities and all of them exist to teach people how to be employees, not entreprenuers. A man who cannot think for himself might as well be a dead man in shark waters. Is this the system you want to entagle yourself in?

The sacrifice is daunting. I have known people to die, lose marriages and life partners because of the quest of a Ph.D. No matter what, YOU define your goals. If you receive your degree tomorrow, you are the same person as today. No degree will change that. Please use the degree if it’s a quest for a goal, not status.

So many people spend a lifetime in the academy and waste financial resources trying to obtain power that was already theirs to begin with. I say BUILD AN EMPIRE with KNOWLEDGE GAINED. Obtain financial freedom and then assist others to do the same.

The Ph.D. process made me poorer, sadder, and more heart-broken than any lover could. So, dear heart, if you go down this road; pick a good school, go only where you receive 100% financial aid and where the alumni network is iron-clad. It’s important to me that the process doesn’t lend itself to a life of poverty as it has done to me.


The Looking Glass

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Affectionately Speaking,
Self-Love, means loving oneself so much that you protect “YOU” at all cost.
Self-Love means having enough respect for oneself.
Do not to let people take advantage of you to the point you hurt.
Love is not supposed to hurt, it’s suppose to heal.

Friendship or Foe,
Do not allow others to focus displaced aggression upon you.
Self-Love is valuing yourself, regardless if other people value you.
Self-Love is focused on controlling one’s self.
One cannot control others emotions, feelings or actions.

Eros Delights,
Self-Love is understanding that you are in control of your emotions.
Grow with the ability to share the Love within.
Self-Love is understanding when you have been abused in a human relationship.
In which case, have enough Love for self to disconnect from others to save oneself.

The Gift of Charity begins with you,
In the end, people treat you how you allow them to treat you.
No one should distrub the God in you.
When you feel hurt or unloved, simply look in the looking-glass
to see who’s to blame for feelings of discontentment.

The Field

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The Creator gave us the ability to create, develop, aspire and inspire.
What do we do with this gift of right, light, might?
At the beginning of a journey of fortune;
It is up to each to discover their strengthens and weaknesses.
In this way, we will best understand how to defeat the worst enemy.
The being, otherwise known as self. The self  – is most critical of itself.
If not careful, self will guard its core with iron-clad ideas.
Ideas can constrict, tie off the circulation, leave isolated in the universe.
By reaching far beyond mediocre and intrinsic thoughts we are in the best position to pay to the most high the most superb gift of obedience.

Our creativity is only limited by the constrictions that we create.
How do we relinquish control over the ego?
In psychological chess, it is the ego that checks the id.
The ego is motivated to conceive, want and do more.
It is the id that is complacent to act in a cyclical manner.
It is not fond of change, distractions, or reflections.
It exists to be. The ego will not stand for such an abomination.
The ego will twist id into jealousy, hate, envy to create:
Hunger, passion, desire subsist until id wakes up, walks upright and speaks outright.
It is these checks and balances that persuade human attrition forward.

It is up to individuals to focus and lock into their purpose.
Who are you not to be? Answer the question.
The third eye of wisdom starts from within.
We are connected to the beneficent light.
Without it we do not live. When our purpose is finished, we die.
Just breathe, for today the air is cool, tomorrow foul and pungent.
No matter; we are protected by the one who is supreme.
Our choices here on earth dictate our transition back to the light.
Positive choices immediately surge energy back to the source.
Negative choices detract and therefore; turn white into spite.
Human choice can be our salvation or our bane;
It is the difference between pleasure and pain.

Unequivocally, the paradox is overshadowed by the truth.
Why do we bear this cross?
That we are they and they are us.
The deities of she and he separated at birth.
Is the union of both – too powerful for us to conceive?
Without intentional deliberation of the outcome, the results are unknown.
Intelligence of the mind is given by the Creator for us to seek out and find that which is our purpose; otherwise, information is useless and is forgotten repeatedly.
The power within is not isolated. It is to be plugged into the greater spectrum of light.

The journey of life beacons us.
When will we know who we are and why we are here?
Through trails and tribulation, we cast our nets for opportunity.
Overwhelming feelings of exhaustion overcome and take hold of our senses.
Why do we keep coming back to this place?
There is nothing here. It is barren wasteland.
The wind blows in the bellows and screams in the night.
It is the saddness that springs forth from a forgotten land.
In the far distance, hear the spirits of those that have walked through this field of trees.
Leave this place to be free of worry, pain and distress.
To become one with the universe is take your last breath.


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The star called the sun, although orange and bright does not own the light of the world.

In each one of us, we are the energy channels that are connected to the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. We exist to bloom sprouts and then flower some more. On this earth we absorb the energy of the sun, we cause heat, passion, make love in the universe for all to see.

The strength of the given is to provide for the least. The pride of the titan is to fight for the weak. The mighty must endure for no one else is able to protect and provide.

What could be more precious than a love to call your own?
What could be more divine than the taste of wine?
What could take your breath away, but the love of your life?
To realize the thought, imagine a dove in the sky.

Through The Door

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Can you have it all?
It starts with the Creator and finding the mate, companion or champion that understands you and is compassionate to your needs, wants and desires. As a result, the love you express because of the joy in your heart is to be spread throughout the world. If you keep hold of it, it will dry up and unbeknownst to you, will explode.

Can you have it all?
Wait…until the joy of your heart walks through the door. Do you hear what I hear? A song, a song more beautiful than ears can bear. Do you see what I see? A figure more amazing than eyes can witness. Do you feel what I feel? A touch so pure, the body fades into one. There is nothing more blessed than the spirit of the Creator, in human form.

Can you have it all?
Yes, you can have it all. Can it be possible? Of course, it can. The love of the one alone is what must be. Wait…for not being with your soul makes death more delightful.

Tree of Life

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When God planted the seed called me,
I was put in the universe with everything I needed to survive.
Then how did I get to such a point?
Where I thought I needed anything else but the love of the Creator?

How did I get to the point where another’s touch was gold?
How did I get to the point of consuming lies to hear hopes?
In the realization of it all, earthly goods no longer attract me.
It’s the love of the Almighty that sets me free.

It simply must be that what I don’t have materially,
I must make up in my soul.
What I don’t have in the soul,
I cannot make up materially.

There has been so much endured.
There has been so much that would fall deaf on another’s ears
Nonetheless, the inroads are to the heart
At the outpost lies my faith.

The Depression Languishes. The Loneliness Envelopes. The End Feels Near.
Will the crushing pain of an unrecognized diamond wane?
One must face death of the body a thousand times,
to appreciate the living of the spirit.

In a reflective moment, I could hear the Creator’s voice.
“It matters not what others think. Everything you desire is in front of you.
Open your eyes to see the destiny that’s laid out in front of you.
You are possible. Just believe in the power of you.”

It was when this idea took root
My vines begin to know
The branches of propriety, prosperity and austerity
Did the Tree of Life begin to Grow.

Fire in the Belly

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A critical mass occurs and then spirits move into action.
This spirit lights a torch and promises to keep it lit.
A dark presence cautions ancient writ,
“The passion will not endure; the minds are too far gone.

The conditions must be right for the flames to stay ignited.
The wind must blow faintly, as to not retard the flame.
The will of the flame must be hot and fiery, but maintain perfect control.
To exist it must be the exact match of the red of the soul.

If others fall victim to its glow and they too will grow a fire in the belly.
They will desire to keep the flame alive.
The thought of the flame receding into the shadows…
And desire threatens to expire.

But alas, it can’t be so,
When the fire in the belly arises, the fainted ones became aware of the power within.
They are now awakened with the energy of the sun; but if the sun wanes…
The fire in the belly recedes and they become gloomy like zombie drones.

At what point does the fire in the belly fade?
When do conditions change the circumstance?
When the light is no longer needed to illuminate the way?
Is it possible for passion to explode and then become a black hole?