Yoga and Pilates

Private Mat Pilates and Yoga Sessions


Mind-body exercise, such as Pilates and Yoga, has a meditative component which is nonjudgmental and noncompetitive in nature. Participants have a mental focus on movements, proper alignment and breath-work throughout the practice which brings calmness of mind. Research has shown that mind-body exercise will improve resting blood pressure, lung function, balance as well as muscular strength and flexibility. Benefits also include a decrease in harmful stress hormones, anxiety, osteoarthritis symptoms, to name a few!

Private sessions are designed to provide high quality personal Pilates/Yoga programs. You will begin with an evaluation session and an introductory series of private sessions during which your personal program is developed. Optimal results will be maintained with a regular schedule of at least 2 sessions per week.


Introductory Pilates/Yoga Package

The Introductory private session includes an individual evaluation; a spine & gait analysis, an overview of the fundamentals of the Pilates/Yoga Method (breathing & abdominal techniques). $60 per session (60 minutes)


PRIVATE Pilates/Yoga session

$30 per session (30 minutes)
$60 per session (60 minutes)


DUET sessions (2 clients/1 trainer)

$25 per session (30 minutes)/per client
$50 per session (60 minutes)/per client


SEMI PRIVATE sessions (3 clients)

$20 per session (30 minutes)/per client
$45 per session (60 minutes)/per client


Fees are paid upfront and on a monthly basis.