A Utopia

I am currently working on a design for a Uni-Party, where during presidential debates the top two contenders of the primary hash out issues on a comfy couch with their spouses by their side to offer moral support. The moderator would always be Oprah. The nation would laugh, cry, worry, and deliberate issues together because Oprah is just that good and because throwing barbs would be socially unacceptable. The true contest of the evening would be which bouquet of flowers each candidate would give to the others wife as a gesture of kindness and hospitality.

There would be campaign spending limits, in which candidates can only spend 5.00 per every registered voter. One of the debates would require a day of service, after which the candidates would convene over coffee to discuss their day. Votes would be cast using retina eye laser technology to significantly reduce voter fraud. No American would ever think to use race, gender, or religion as a reason not to consider qualified and vetted candidates. After the election, people would dance in the streets for the victor. The other candidate would joyfully serve in the President’s cabinet based on the best skills they have to offer.

 Both chambers would also exist under the Uni-Party and prior to convening for legislative duties would be required to do light exercises under the Capitol rotunda and after session required to enjoy 30 minutes of deep yogic meditation. Useless spending would be unnecessary because upon birth, each citizen is granted a government allotment which is calculated over a period of 100 years or a lifespan. If a person transitions prior to 100 years of age, the residual goes into an interest bearing account for those that live over 100. For those citizens that truly enjoy the free market system and thus prosper, they can donate their allotment to charities for overseas missions, technology research or the arts.

Our defense budget would adjust for inflation, but can also be deflated because world leaders in 2014 will adopt a plan that says if anyone instigates violence within or outside of their borders, they will immediately be stripped of their role and live out the rest of their life serving humanity in a soup kitchen in Calcutta. All food and water would be pure because no harmful additives will be injected. Obesity and most health issues will fade as a result.

The tax system exists as a flat fee of 27% for individuals and the private sector. For those that can afford more and are willing to invest, they can do so through the bond market and are guaranteed a 12% maturation rate, but bonds can only exist as a trust-fund for future generations; unless extenuating circumstances, requiring an act of Congress, (on the docket every two years)

The economic system would improve because every person is required to graduate with at least a functional community college degree that lends to society. Of course, there would still be competition in the market and in wages. If a person decides not to graduate for reasons of their own, they will become wards of the state and must contribute in meaningful ways, while earning a living wage. If they choose not to do so, they will be required to live in Hollywood and only allowed to play 3rd tier extra roles in horror films. For this work, they get paid half a living wage and for those that aren’t used in this service, they will be required to work in the west coast fishing industry to keep the nation feed with life-giving omega 3s. In this service, they are paid a living wage.

When children are born into our country, parents can choose to take a full year leave of absence to bond with the child, with pay. If one parent decides to be a stay at home parent to provide for the needs of the children, they are paid a salary to do so, but not based on how many children, but on service to the country. These resources are deducted from the citizen’s life fund and have absolutely no effect on the private sector.

The mentally ill are encouraged to live in communes that allow for plenty of fresh air, exercise, arts and crafts. They sell these crafts or perform their talents for a reasonable fee. In this way, these citizens contribute to society and the money they earn is used to plant beautiful vegetable and flower gardens for all to enjoy at no cost.

Immigration issues are no longer a concern because people are encouraged to study and experience this country, but must return to their homeland after a self-negotiated period. Immigrants are more than welcomed back as long as they go back to their homeland and provide a humanitarian service of their choice to their country men and women for a period of two years. If an immigrant desires to live in the country without prior requirements, they may work in the country, but pay into the citizen security system for their social service needs and retirement or based upon current age of entry, pay full restitution? If they cannot do this, the president and his wife will host a monthly dinner dance to wish them well on their departure. Of course, our benevolent government allows for extenuating circumstances to be determined by Congress and the Department of Immigration.

Civil and District courts becomes mediator driven because although society encourages passion, there are instances in which two-parties need a third party to intervene. People love to love and so there are rarely divorces in this society. Crime is rare because everyone have their basic needs provided for. Violence is prohibited in all forms. Anyone who commits violent crime such as killing, raping, beating, stabbing, child pornography, domestic violence, etc will be tried in a court of law and the jury will consist of middle school Mensa students who have been well-trained in the art of liberty and justice for all.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on December 12, 2012.