Standing Guard

In your eyes I can see a future that is bright and prosperous.
The bounty that lies within nurtures my soul.
For once I believe a man’s heart.
I didn’t think it was possible to enjoy such a loving touch.
Yet, you have the strength to move mountains with your spirit.

When you reached out to me, it was to offer coffee gold.
Since that day you blessed me with days of bliss.
You promise the world and persistently go after my dreams;
Its clear your dream is to ensure this woman of yore is happy on earth.
You dare not lose yourself because of the divine connection above.

The Lord is your delight.
You have provided a cottage on green.
You’ve made a cozy space to rejuvenate our souls.
You work hard; you dream big, you laugh with all your being.
You desire to provide a family of love, light and legacy.

I take glory in knowing the fire within you is me.
I protect.
I take stand.
I guard.
…The heart and soul of my man.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 2, 2012.