Musa Love

When I was in The Gambia, West Africa, I met an eight year old child, Musa. He was impressive. He was very mature for his age. He woke up in the mornings to get water, kept the peace amongst his friends and smaller siblings, he even stopped by the outdoor kitchen to ask if could help sweep, cut vegetables, etc. Musa could be mature because he was in a family that loved him dearly. This young man-child learned how to be loved and how to love, then why do adult-men falter at Love?

Some men proclaim they are not ready for a woman. Is this statement derived from a fear of love? But what is, “LOVE”? Relationships tend to fail when people try to define LOVE. He doesn’t love me because he didn’t buy, can’t do, must not…. The mark of being in a loving relationship is when the lights go down and a couple can share their deepest fears, create joy and dream the possible dreams. When the lights go up, they love each other that much more. Joy, Love, Prosperity are amongst us. All one has to do is listen to a child laugh, smell a rose, and feel the wind blow.

Conversely, in an unsupported relationship, one will share fears, hopes, dreams, only to find the other person will chastise. Out of this chastisement are feelings of resentment which sets up a deep place of mistrust and disgust for the person who has violated sacred TRUST. When people don’t trust, they tend to shy away, begin to disrespect the other, even spend meaningful time with other people they trust. It is best to be in a supported relationship where one is valued.

Why be with a woman if she won’t listen to him, respect his decisions as a man, love him, cherish him, desire him, know when to be quite and listen to him lead? When the time comes, a grateful woman will come and share his PEACE.

Although there are intelligent, attractive, witty and compassionate women abound, there are accomplished men with women who they say have negative attributes. On the other hand, the outward reflection of the women some men choose is the inward reflection of the pain they face on the inside. Some men are enticed by nasty, lying, cheating, lazy, demeaning woman and are then heart-broken when she crushes his soul. Unfortunately, when the dust clears…he is left with nothing (no: resources, love, or patience). After which, he is pretty much useless to everyone, especially the good women who were waiting in the wings to love him in the first place.

To the man who is waiting for a woman who says; she loves the way I touch her, the way I whisper in her ear, the way I look in her eyes, the way I treat and how I make her feel must understand love. For those that don’t, join in the longing of poor souls crying into the night.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on October 3, 2011.