They Are Born Innocent

An unjust education is a means for capitalism instead of liberation. Whereas, the educational complex is a social dilemma to perpetuate mainstream ‘Psychological Chains of Slavery’ that bind young generations and prophetically tells their self-destruction. It’s a socialization process that produces mediocrity that ‘Makes Me Wanna Holler’.

I have watched youth who can’t control their loins; who then become parents too young. They are caught in an endless, cyclical parade of alcoholism, drug addiction and reliance on welfare. It’s if they can’t wake up because they’re in deep binding sleep. In a state of paralysis, watching media to sedate lost dreams and rotting visions. Educated or Not, this slumber state is a definite path for self-destruction.

The ‘Mis-Education’ has been too long, too deep, too ingrained. Not Dubois, Douglas or Sista Soildier can save you now. The perceived American Dream is Kryptonite and has hold. It wasn’t your fault. You were born into a world that’s wavering and cold. How does one uncloak the shell to see brighter days? The answer is in the soul that speaks from before Africans were sold.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on September 18, 2011.