The Ph.D: A Life of Poverty

A Masters Degree is a catwalk compared to the Ph.D. Think long and hard before you level up. This educational process could eat up a big portion of your life. If you are mainly interested in teaching theory at the university level, than by all means. However, I have taught at six universities and all of them exist to teach people how to be employees, not entreprenuers. A man who cannot think for himself might as well be a dead man in shark waters. Is this the system you want to entagle yourself in?

The sacrifice is daunting. I have known people to die, lose marriages and life partners because of the quest of a Ph.D. No matter what, YOU define your goals. If you receive your degree tomorrow, you are the same person as today. No degree will change that. Please use the degree if it’s a quest for a goal, not status.

So many people spend a lifetime in the academy and waste financial resources trying to obtain power that was already theirs to begin with. I say BUILD AN EMPIRE with KNOWLEDGE GAINED. Obtain financial freedom and then assist others to do the same.

The Ph.D. process made me poorer, sadder, and more heart-broken than any lover could. So, dear heart, if you go down this road; pick a good school, go only where you receive 100% financial aid and where the alumni network is iron-clad. It’s important to me that the process doesn’t lend itself to a life of poverty as it has done to me.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on September 18, 2011.