The Looking Glass

Affectionately Speaking,
Self-Love, means loving oneself so much that you protect “YOU” at all cost.
Self-Love means having enough respect for oneself.
Do not to let people take advantage of you to the point you hurt.
Love is not supposed to hurt, it’s suppose to heal.

Friendship or Foe,
Do not allow others to focus displaced aggression upon you.
Self-Love is valuing yourself, regardless if other people value you.
Self-Love is focused on controlling one’s self.
One cannot control others emotions, feelings or actions.

Eros Delights,
Self-Love is understanding that you are in control of your emotions.
Grow with the ability to share the Love within.
Self-Love is understanding when you have been abused in a human relationship.
In which case, have enough Love for self to disconnect from others to save oneself.

The Gift of Charity begins with you,
In the end, people treat you how you allow them to treat you.
No one should distrub the God in you.
When you feel hurt or unloved, simply look in the looking-glass
to see who’s to blame for feelings of discontentment.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on September 18, 2011.