The Field

The Creator gave us the ability to create, develop, aspire and inspire.
What do we do with this gift of right, light, might?
At the beginning of a journey of fortune;
It is up to each to discover their strengthens and weaknesses.
In this way, we will best understand how to defeat the worst enemy.
The being, otherwise known as self. The self  – is most critical of itself.
If not careful, self will guard its core with iron-clad ideas.
Ideas can constrict, tie off the circulation, leave isolated in the universe.
By reaching far beyond mediocre and intrinsic thoughts we are in the best position to pay to the most high the most superb gift of obedience.

Our creativity is only limited by the constrictions that we create.
How do we relinquish control over the ego?
In psychological chess, it is the ego that checks the id.
The ego is motivated to conceive, want and do more.
It is the id that is complacent to act in a cyclical manner.
It is not fond of change, distractions, or reflections.
It exists to be. The ego will not stand for such an abomination.
The ego will twist id into jealousy, hate, envy to create:
Hunger, passion, desire subsist until id wakes up, walks upright and speaks outright.
It is these checks and balances that persuade human attrition forward.

It is up to individuals to focus and lock into their purpose.
Who are you not to be? Answer the question.
The third eye of wisdom starts from within.
We are connected to the beneficent light.
Without it we do not live. When our purpose is finished, we die.
Just breathe, for today the air is cool, tomorrow foul and pungent.
No matter; we are protected by the one who is supreme.
Our choices here on earth dictate our transition back to the light.
Positive choices immediately surge energy back to the source.
Negative choices detract and therefore; turn white into spite.
Human choice can be our salvation or our bane;
It is the difference between pleasure and pain.

Unequivocally, the paradox is overshadowed by the truth.
Why do we bear this cross?
That we are they and they are us.
The deities of she and he separated at birth.
Is the union of both – too powerful for us to conceive?
Without intentional deliberation of the outcome, the results are unknown.
Intelligence of the mind is given by the Creator for us to seek out and find that which is our purpose; otherwise, information is useless and is forgotten repeatedly.
The power within is not isolated. It is to be plugged into the greater spectrum of light.

The journey of life beacons us.
When will we know who we are and why we are here?
Through trails and tribulation, we cast our nets for opportunity.
Overwhelming feelings of exhaustion overcome and take hold of our senses.
Why do we keep coming back to this place?
There is nothing here. It is barren wasteland.
The wind blows in the bellows and screams in the night.
It is the saddness that springs forth from a forgotten land.
In the far distance, hear the spirits of those that have walked through this field of trees.
Leave this place to be free of worry, pain and distress.
To become one with the universe is take your last breath.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 31, 2011.