The star called the sun, although orange and bright does not own the light of the world.

In each one of us, we are the energy channels that are connected to the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. We exist to bloom sprouts and then flower some more. On this earth we absorb the energy of the sun, we cause heat, passion, make love in the universe for all to see.

The strength of the given is to provide for the least. The pride of the titan is to fight for the weak. The mighty must endure for no one else is able to protect and provide.

What could be more precious than a love to call your own?
What could be more divine than the taste of wine?
What could take your breath away, but the love of your life?
To realize the thought, imagine a dove in the sky.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 22, 2011.