Tree of Life

When God planted the seed called me,
I was put in the universe with everything I needed to survive.
Then how did I get to such a point?
Where I thought I needed anything else but the love of the Creator?

How did I get to the point where another’s touch was gold?
How did I get to the point of consuming lies to hear hopes?
In the realization of it all, earthly goods no longer attract me.
It’s the love of the Almighty that sets me free.

It simply must be that what I don’t have materially,
I must make up in my soul.
What I don’t have in the soul,
I cannot make up materially.

There has been so much endured.
There has been so much that would fall deaf on another’s ears
Nonetheless, the inroads are to the heart
At the outpost lies my faith.

The Depression Languishes. The Loneliness Envelopes. The End Feels Near.
Will the crushing pain of an unrecognized diamond wane?
One must face death of the body a thousand times,
to appreciate the living of the spirit.

In a reflective moment, I could hear the Creator’s voice.
“It matters not what others think. Everything you desire is in front of you.
Open your eyes to see the destiny that’s laid out in front of you.
You are possible. Just believe in the power of you.”

It was when this idea took root
My vines begin to know
The branches of propriety, prosperity and austerity
Did the Tree of Life begin to Grow.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 15, 2011.