The Dolphin

The path of the dolphin is not so direct.
To understand the soul one must endure a lasting past.
Peering out at the steeple chase a feeling of peace and prayer;
Overcome with the reality of pain that crushes the chest.

It is here the belly burns with heat of passion
It rises throughout the body
So strong the feeling you feel it in your toes
And within, it takes hold of the artist screaming out.

Eagle birds caw overhead
The wind of tomorrow whines, laughs, dances to play
Feel no regrets as you have paid your debts
To ancestors of long ago through the birth of ideas and flesh

Endure to make that which you desire real
It is clear that the dreams of your visions are real and can be reached
Listen to the fire in the belly as it stands at the pulpit.
Be inspired and grow as you hear a faint sermon preached…

“All I want is a simple cottage,
A garden filled with poppies, lilies and basil leaf.
Think carpets of rugby grass underfoot.
I see a hardwood bench for talking to a loved one.
I feel to paint a masterpiece in the warm Belgium sun.”

To the Dolphin, float in waters that float upstream
Scale the waves as you cascade the tips of adversity.
Glide seamlessly through the ocean deep,
to realize your earthly dreams.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 15, 2011.