Fire in the Belly

A critical mass occurs and then spirits move into action.
This spirit lights a torch and promises to keep it lit.
A dark presence cautions ancient writ,
“The passion will not endure; the minds are too far gone.

The conditions must be right for the flames to stay ignited.
The wind must blow faintly, as to not retard the flame.
The will of the flame must be hot and fiery, but maintain perfect control.
To exist it must be the exact match of the red of the soul.

If others fall victim to its glow and they too will grow a fire in the belly.
They will desire to keep the flame alive.
The thought of the flame receding into the shadows…
And desire threatens to expire.

But alas, it can’t be so,
When the fire in the belly arises, the fainted ones became aware of the power within.
They are now awakened with the energy of the sun; but if the sun wanes…
The fire in the belly recedes and they become gloomy like zombie drones.

At what point does the fire in the belly fade?
When do conditions change the circumstance?
When the light is no longer needed to illuminate the way?
Is it possible for passion to explode and then become a black hole?


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 15, 2011.