Do you actually think anyone cares about you?
Do you actually think anyone gives a damn?
Your thoughts, your dreams are yours alone, anything more is less than forgone.
How you’ve watched others gloat, as you scrape and slither just to keep afloat
sinking deeper into the darkness because of the hole in the boat.

How you strive and you strive trying not to explode under thoughts contrived.
Linking truth and fire, brimstone and ice, pure and pain is derived.
Stand down strong Lioness. Continue to strive through and through for…
The Creator will give power unto yore, to hear rumors of lore.

It all comes down to a bit of truth and tea tree salve:
What goes up must come down, unless you’re an anointed one.
If you approach life with appreciation without expectation
Then one’s perspective will go through spiritual mutation.

It matters not, how straight the gait, or charged the pole.
If you don’t celebrate you, the world will never know.
Your brilliance, beauty, multi-faceted glow and if no one pays attention,
It is they who’ve lost out on a most spectacular show.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 9, 2011.