Flip Mode

I was born eyes wide-open, glistening, gold
You tried to kill my spirit, until I would fold
If it wasn’t for the God in me, I would have went into flip mode.
Your kind words were a cloak, hidden behind eyes of cold

When I had a brilliant idea
You would take it as your own
To profit from another
Without intentions of debt owed

I took hold of my confidence and self-worth
And you peered down at me with disdain
To see me expand seemed to make you insane

You laughed at my dreams
Made toy of my vision
Playing games of mental circumcision
With sharpened scissors you tried to clip my wings!

The abuse is but a torrent of fueled flames
The hate, envy, jealousy is yours to claim
For I am free to create, develop and inspire
And watch you engulfed and consumed by the fire.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 5, 2011.