Have you ever had a loved one compete with the sun to wash your soul with kisses?

How did it feel?
Did it feel like tingles running down the spine?
Did you feel abundantly blessed?
Did the wind make you smile?
Or, like eating marshmallow buttercups?

How do I empty my cup when the contents are so refreshing?
Like a cappuccino cup.
A clear glass of strawberry lemonade delight.
A whiskey downer – turned up?

When I peer into your eyes I take a far-off journey.
On Sunday, I sail away to the Florida Keys.
Monday, I climb the Swiss Alps.
Tuesday, I chase a wilder beast on the Serengeti.
Wednesday, I relax in a panaderia in Conando, Puerto Rico.
Thursday, I peace in a teepee with a Shawnee Chief
Friday, I float on the French Riviera, “Je suis beni.”
Saturday, I climb the stairs to Machu Picchu.
Every evolution is different, new and exciting.

A moment in time is where we’re at.
Before you look up, a new day begins…
And I am reminded of a dew drop that evaporates
As the sun peeks behind the cloud’s shade
To shower delightful Sun-Kisses.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on July 17, 2011.