The Next Files

Four years ago I met you on a sidewalk
Through the years you have floated in and out of my life in a variety of realms
I have noticed, your mind is confined to getting ahead and work nightmares
It’s as if you wake fine tuned to what’s on your desk, instead of what’s in your heart.

I am detecting an unbalanced state of mind, rest and relaxation stimulate the soul
Though your psych-appeal is relentless; it’s waning in aesthetics
The evolution you experience is intertwined with your convoluted obsession with accomplishment and success.

You are more attuned to what things look like, as opposed to actual reality.
A paranormal view is my view of you.
It is unattractive for you not to see…
what is beautiful, what’s in front of you, what is purity in form and passion.

Life is abundant only if you see
That which is in plain sight…otherwise
Your ideas are atoms of dust particles lost in a universe of imperfection
It’s in this malaise; you’re caught in head-lights like a deer at an intersection.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on January 24, 2011.

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