The Zoo

Looking into a window it appeared a dancing figment of appellation
or that which is archaic and must be called by name.
Was I to assume the Lion was capturing me or I, he?
The view was no less than partake and placate.

The carnivore tilted back its head and seemingly roared,
his playmates chuckled forthright.
The tuckered up grins, the deep, dark sins
of laboring cattle beast.

The shrewd laughter of a cackling hen
pushed the others to join in, to my chagrin.
Eyes of the snakes were slits
Just like in Egyptian writ.

The hyenas were shrewd in their play
with baboons who steal everything in their way
of which the tycoon rats of the pack glared in plain sight
To regulate, the eagle’s nest is high in the sky

The zoo that I speak…
envisions humans behind glass, bars and in bubbles.
Some can’t tie their shoes
Or walk with one foot in front of the other

Some are silly neanderthals
that show disrespect for the poor, old and very young
they are comfortable with rote memory of their fabricated world
In the end, after the zoo, comes the clean up crew.

In this… a new design occurs.
The animals of the wild rule over the defeated ones.
With the tables turned, the panacea of creation
ultimately profit over human destruction.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on November 10, 2010.

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