Sweet Smell of Victory

Victory is given to a small, selected few.
Don’t you want to be in the counting?
Don’t you want to be in the race?
If so, then give your heart to grace.
Or – to the world underneath.
The chances of victory are greater there.
For there, you give your soul and…
in return you reap the reapers prize
of reward delight for being a servant to the night.
It is no surprise that the meat you eat is tender and divine.
On this earth you will find it is easy to befall crude souls,
they will ask nothing in return, but your obedience to their predilections.
Enjoy now… for your future will hold all the promise you dreamed.
When you close your eyes on the very last dime you will experience in that last breath…
cold and hot at the same time. You will feel love and hate simultaneously.
You will taste stickiness and sweet beyond belief. You will remember past and present. You will touch peace and pain. You will desire a dichotomy so strong the earth will tremble, the moon will fold and the sun will descent into the ocean one last rhyme.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on November 7, 2010.

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