Obsidian Pharaoh

God, how much longer will you allow me to suffer alone?
I long for the day when I can whisper to my love that he is anointed with special regal energy from the well of obsidian that comes from the center of the earth
Thread thin, sharp as the emptiness of the void
It is that which comes from the spirit of the night
Darkness is a sister to light
The sweetness of a peach is a mirage of the senses
Elements are stones, that harden my bloody soul
Magical is the gait, wonderful the taste
of dark, red, rouge, vintage
that stains the clouds of memories
That were once free, unfettered, cotton
Almighty Creator, bring me peace of love
Where cold wraps my body in a blanket of warmth


~ by Abeni El-Amin on October 29, 2010.

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