Even From Afar…

It’s like you are all over me
I, feeling wrapped in a cocoon
This morning, I awoke feeling baby kisses on my neck,
Arms wrapped around my waist pulling me unto you

“It’s good morning energy.”
As if to say this is the way to rise everyday
Could this be from thought or naught?
Either way, rose tendrils titillate

Is it choice or is it fate?
You are an apparition as of late
Show thine identity to me
Why are you afraid to let me see?

If you swing hither
I’ll enchant you with 11 tongues,
immerse in red wine,
sing tunes of I Ching blues

In my mind I could hear you whispering,
“When I’m near there’s no doubt of baby kisses on your neck.
The grazing of my teeth along the nape of your hair,
is the proper succession to that.”

Sirens blazing hot, golden orange flames
Warm, drizzling nourishing rain
Holding on tight, begging to disarm
It was all a dream, damn the alarm


~ by Abeni El-Amin on September 15, 2010.

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