The wind carries that which
the Chinese call the Sun or “The Penetrating”
To mine ears it sounds like exquisite amour parlay,
For it’s the truth the wind blows my way

A storm of passion is awakened as the wind descends
The cries of the air are heated with desire to quell
a lonely, dark, emboldened blaze
the truth you speak, brings mystic

The wind blows through superficial protection
During winter, old folks call it “The Hawk”
Remember the 80s detective dramas that brought cold of heart
Today the wind brought you, amber waves of grain

Peering out over a precipice, I cannot help but see
the light we share is common heart and mind
Way back in the day when dreams were possible
Fiery growth and ambition bring rainbow rain

The wind is lovely present during the summer
so on sticky nights when the humidity clings to thoughts
it’s the hope that night brings relief,
from the sun’s hot meander across the sky

Light beam rays, hot steamy nights
satin sheets, head thrown back laughing
at glory unsheathed, as incredible
energy engulfs my body like ocean waves

Like a dolphin surfing above net waves
riding across flirts, curiosity and an opportunity for a bit of truth,
we declared a moment of cease-fire from life’s disappointments
Our courage a reminder of our fearlessness and love

When a typhoon comes, run for shelter
If a hurricane is on the horizon, board up
A tornado beckons one to cover
Take joy, there’s no protection for a windstorm lover


~ by Abeni El-Amin on September 12, 2010.