By Abeni El-Amin and Kandice Corbett

In a society where many have ascribed to cultural botulism
and unfortunately self-deprecation, lending itself to romanticism
while at the same time preaching on environmentalism
still hanging on to the worst notions of capitalism

In the meantime, our youth are caught in suspension
much to our apprehension
we wait to determine the life track of our young
for we too have been through societal inoculation

But, don’t worry, they will make it
They have much promise, potential, and hope
until then we wait on the sidelines
to see how life plays out

As our young develop to adulthood – heed this warning
It’s their life, decisions and consequences
No matter the loving family or community
The operational derivative is choice

When their spirits are that of mighty warriors
It’s difficult to keep them on track
Somehow society expects them to be led like sheep
The soul of God will not rest under defeat

If we don’t set them up strong
Upgraded academic certifications to learn their ways
Will not set our youth on their way
The path is clear, set the path to develop leaders

Yes, they must learn how to master their leadership abilities with discipline, for all leaders are followers with authority
with a mighty call on their lives and when they understand this
they will walk in peace with purpose

Until then…We Wait.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 11, 2010.

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