In my King I will find a God Fearing Man
He will be Faithful to Me as only the Righteous can
He will Love only me and be dearly in Love with Me
He Loves to Love as much as I do

Loving family, knowing full well they are
the connectors, to our past, present and future
Reflecting upon multiplying our traits
Confident enough, so he won’t make me wait

His passion and intimacy makes me blush
His commitment to community stirs his compassionate soul
With an honesty that shines and gleans a justice wield
His wealth is inspired from his intellect

A powerful fist, whittled waist, thunderous thighs
Encourage me so, just like his mental stability
With his million-watt smile he transforms night into day
I can trust him with my money, my heart, my life

His unselfish character is an example to the world
It is with his generosity he spoils me so
His exuberant spirit sets me an energetic glow
The loyalty we share, can only grow

His word is his bond, for integrity is his sword
He is dedicated to himself, his family, his Queen
So sincere are his eyes that show Love as they sparkle
JahZues on Earth, this is the King of my dreams


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 3, 2010.