Sitting at the beach at an oceanside cafe
I looked deeply into your eyes
and there I saw frustration about our circumstance
You had fallen out of love with me

Even though I tried my hardest
Even though I did what I thought was best
Even though I did what I thought you wanted
Even though it didn’t always make me happy

I took a sip of coffee
at the realization of it all
the warmth of my heart
dissipated into a cold, cold mass

I lost all control of my emotional content
the blood drained from my face
my skin was all pallor
from a love forever gone

It was you I would surely miss
Knowing not when I would ever taste your lips
In a gaze, I was awe-struck of the case
Knowing I would never forget this place

I love you so much
You are everything I wanted
Why then am I not good enough
to be your wife, your life

Like a dirty handkerchief
on the beach you allow me to lay
yet in the glance we say nothing
and both casually turn away


~ by Abeni El-Amin on August 3, 2010.