Zombie Politicos

By: Abeni El-Amin and SAL

This world gives too little and takes too much
It tells me I can walk perfect and
at the same time it tells me I still need a crutch

So you can take your checks that won’t cash
And your exercise videos of the perfect ass
And the pseudo psychics that can’t see the past

In the grand scheme of things,
Politicos attempting to become monarchs
Idiots posing as kings

They could never establish anything
Creating boneless diseased bodies
Black blood where freedom used to sing

Oozing verbal pain with their rhetoric
Spilling audio debauchery with their
Flawed logic – enough to make you sick

The cascading grey mosaic of their words
Promising a kaleidoscope rainbow
Of visions of streaming utopias

Fear not, a warrior riding on a stallion
Of truth to ultimate power
Will set things upright

In darkness, always comes light
Through the looking-glass
One can see a future bright

Egyptian cotton feels heavenly
So do the tranquil promising words
Of justice bars and legal notes

Deuteronomy, financial sodomy
It’s about the economy
It rains down turning men to salt

Moses wandered for 40 acres and 1 mule
He harkened to the masses, The Shema,
“Hear, O Israel, YHWH (is) our God, YHWH is one.”


~ by Abeni El-Amin on July 28, 2010.