You Almost Destroyed Me

To educate is to socialize, I see you haven’t figured it out
children’s behavioral issues are from being bussed, prodded and experimented upon and you call this No Child Left Behind
Years of toying around with my natural aptitude almost destroyed me

The people who fight tooth and nail for all children’s equality could easily turn the other cheek and pay attention only to their own. These are sincere people wanting to make sure that all children get a fair and equitable education. If only a chance.

There is concern at the lack of minority parents at the table around the new fangled issue of resegregation, in the heat of national escapades of failed plans of immigration. Especially since the current debate and conservative decisions mostly affect minority children. Even if only initially.

A coin has two sides for an undereducated group of people in any society will bear the brunt of that society in the future and the society will bear the cost of stabilizing this community of people.

My heart-felt concerns are that I truly don’t want children of the future to experience what I personally have experienced in our society. I want children of the future to graduate on a level playing field. Idealistic? No. Anything else is unacceptable.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on July 18, 2010.