Have you ever felt Invisible before?
Remembering Langston Hughes who wrote “A Dream Deferred”.
Knowing full well the smell of rotten meat
Reflecting upon life’s defeats conferred.

The smell is foul, pungent, hardly discernible
It wreaks, it bubbles and boils.
The wretched odor permeates
the air, the skin, the soul.

How could I be Invisible?
I have talents, dreams and voice
Everyday the wicked permanence
fades out a strong lament

The voice once strong, is getting weak
the vocal cords are tangled
in distress with diminished force
the voice is becoming inaudible

The ringing in the ears
My sickened stomach
the sour saliva that drips
unkissed lips

It is all but unfathomable
to think my presence
does not bring joy
To have to wait unsecured

When one walks down the street where
passerbys bump into your
consciousness without acknowledgement
Not so much a casual glance

For someone who once had so much spirit…
What happened to romance?
The glowing heart is fading dim.
The once sparkling eyes

No longer ruminate light
It is a broken tragedy
for the Invisible’s plight
no more luster, shine or majesty

The Invisible’s reflection
waiting for death’s predilection
To allow others to languish on a vine
should be punished like a crime


~ by Abeni El-Amin on July 17, 2010.