Shaken, Stir, Twist

You shake the earth when you approach
the pounding of my heart gives away
I cannot speak or think or utter a word
visions, awareness become quite faint
it’s if my mind goes utterly blank

Is that the wail of a nightingale
Or a band of pirates as they
search for the holy grail
unbeknownst, to no avail

When I wake my soul searches
When I sleep I yearn for you
consciousness is unbearable
without my love, so true

Although, Shaken, Stirred, Twisted
The earth stands still, but trembles when you move
My love for you erupts grandeur forevermore
My emotions herald, engaged in a knot

Without you I’m in the land of the lost
Loneliness, weary, dehydrated
of the thought that you
evade my world


~ by Abeni El-Amin on July 13, 2010.