Poetic Morning

Upon awakening it appears you love hard with no fear
The envy overwhelms my senses,
yet envy has no heart
To hear the angels hark,
“Then don’t envy. Join the wave.
Your life will be forever changed.”

To love is like gambling life away,
Never been much of a gambler
It would be like having my neck
contorted and stuck in an ancient blockade

I’m fearful because I heard heart-break can kill
Knowing full well, I cannot take love to the grave
It is history books that paint fairy tales
That which is worth living for, is worth dying for

How did you cope?
Was it tranquilizers or dope?
After 3 years and severe heart-break,
where was the silver lining?
Do you have space for another?

Being here to tell the tale.
It is a masterpiece like no other
What’s in-store for the next man’s delight
are the remnants of heart-break out of sight

Do not doubt that heart-throb pain doesn’t hurt
Although many will not want to experience passion exile
It is the brave that weather the storm
For, courage is what makes amazing off-spring

For I am an African-Woman
There is no experience on earth I cannot adjust
It is my lot. It is my life. It is my gift
Powerful Perspective, I Remain


~ by Abeni El-Amin on July 13, 2010.