De l’Égalité des Races Humaines

If the human race could be defined it would set the hands of time
For then we would understand equality is somewhat of a sham
In our lot for survival, it is truly the strongest who survive
In another lifetime it would be springtime merriment
summertime escapades, fall renegades
wintertime laugh alots, all the same

In a world characterized by differences
over eons, decades and periods of time
unfortunately, the metronome
ticks and it tocks to a sad beat of
evil epitaphs derived from deep seated
mis-education of one’s true self

It is from the human race’s inequality
We neglect to understand that we share a womb
and she is mother earth
is an understatement of magnanimous proportions
for the mis-understanding relies on moral turpitude
to add injury to insult is to ridicule
our collective birth


~ by Abeni El-Amin on July 13, 2010.