Foxhole: How Deep Does the Political Hole Go?

President Barack Obama will you take the red pill or the blue pill? Is the question that I ask. I sit and contemplate and realize I am mortified with the decision to stay in war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Although Mortified, I am confident in your diplomacy, oration and strategic skills of attack.

From a strategic perspective, you make decisions to assist the economy by keeping troops out of the country so that less educated and trained Americans have an opportunity for employment.

In this light, I must back you up because I don’t think our medical team in-broad are prepared for the many cases of war-time post traumatic syndrome that persist. I think the reasons are many, some of which I am not privy to and don’t understand…..And neither do most Americans who are either not in a cabinet post or at the highest ranks of the US military or administration.

Do Americans understand the concepts of the US Constitution that unite? Such as the term….Choice? Whereas, we hold these truths to be self-evident…Choice is Democratic, however, like many I am sadly finding, there are people who cast their vote on ideology instead of whether a person can do the actual job. As such, my vote is my choice, this the US Constitution is committed to. Personally speaking, I have voted for Republican, Libertarian and Green Party candidates and although I am a democrat I vote as I choose as long as the ballot allows choice of party regardless of party affiliation.

Political behavior is interesting, in fact. I stand by the values of this country that choice is individual and understand the power of an informed vote. There are times if I don’t know the candidate in a particular race or don’t care for either one, I vote for no one. It’s my choice who I vote for at the polls and I applaud others for voting based on their reasons, in tact.

Where are the leaders who must emerge or are they submerged underneath a puddle of persons that refuse to give them a chance to showcase their experiences, training and education? Is this why people do not rise to leadership? Is Leadership for only those called or in the sad case in a democracy, given, like that in an oligrachy?

On the other hand, how we treat our political elite is unthinkable in the least. To call political candidates or those who serve by cruel names is unfathonable, for political office is a challenge, withered given or earned. I am proud of those called to serve, regardless of party affiliation.

My Bush II Era Views: I can name three distinct reasons I am upset about Bush’s reign off top, 1. War in Afghanistan and Iraq 2. No Weapons of Mass Destruction and 3. No Child Left Behind (And yes I do know the role democrats played in NCLB, I’m not proud of them either.)

In conclusion, I want so much for people to be able to debate issues with facts, not petty name calling. If there is a reason, state it with confidence. In my humble opinion, it is the only way the left and the right can come to moderate.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on July 3, 2010.