Honest Expectations

The thought of your gaze puts me in a daze
There is so much I want to share with you
Your manly physic, mind lights sparkle
You, tapping into nature’s design

If only you and I could connect
I, wanting to love a man like you
Until then, I’ll watch you from afar
When, like a Phoenix – you rise

Then I’ll go quietly away to cry
deep devoted tears
Glamour, Success, Poetry, Allure
doesn’t take your breath away

Hopelessness and Despair
reign in my heart
because your gaze
doesn’t turn my way

The flippant, sassy walk
are all a front
to hide the glacier of pain that
only loneliness can bring

Don’t – be put off
For I know no other way
to express
my virile connotations

Dying to express my
love-filled intentions
But, do not dare
for frightening away

Not knowing what to do
is a disease of the mind
Frozen in fear
that expectations will disappear


~ by Abeni El-Amin on June 26, 2010.