Sol En Manana

By Abeni El-Amin

I have met the Sun
Bold, Bright, Hardly Obscure
His gaze keeps me up at night
It is he that sets my internal clock right

The heat and intensity
burns a hole into my soul
It is he that makes me whole
His warmth is incredible

It is the thunderous roar of his intellect
It delights my weakened consciouness
When he rises, it excites me to glorious heights
knowing the brain drain, mental stimulation he incites

When he sets
I miss his round mound, fuego, glow allure
For me, no other touch is so pure
It is this which cures my demented soul

Sol! Empower me, Devour me,
Don´t burn me, Don´t hurt me, Love me
Softly bring joy asunder
It is in you I surrender


~ by Abeni El-Amin on May 24, 2010.