How Are You?

When you hurt, I worry
You feel you have been in a weird limbo for years
With no motivation, missing a loved one a bunch.
It becomes clear that the bed made, is self-imposed.

I love you exactly the way you are.
I love your mind and energy.
With a smile, you light up the world.
Like honey doves, you have purpose.

500 hundred years ago,
You and I would have been part of a royal family.
Our divine line is deeply intertwined.
You ask, “Why did we royalty then choose this re-incarnation?”

Know you will be okay, for you are strong.
You will reflect for a few weeks and make a plan.
Thinking about what will set you right for the next forty years.
Map it out, for you are royalty, thus you must walk into this reality.

While others do not understand you; It’s not for them to figure out
Those of us with true understanding,
Are to walk amongst others and communicate the ways
We are but mere channels for the universe

Abstract spiritual wave communications – Not.
There is nothing abstract about nature
It either is or isn’t

You say, “All spirit is pure; thus abstract.”
Abstract only for those who do not understand it
You say, “If it is particular, it is not pure.”
You are PURE energy, that is why I notice you.

Nature is not particular
Chaos erupts when trying to make something work that either is or isn’t
Let your life flow naturally or try to control it
and see what kind of pharmaceuticals you will need to cope

Continue in purpose or make the choice to adapt.
It is truly up to you dear friend. Please do not worry.
The truth will be revealed soon.
Just meditate without logic and listen for your next assignment.

Be open and aware.
If paying attention most everything else looks decayed.
Trying to explain to others is frustrating,
Thus I retreat and abstractly concave.

When you live your best life,
I find life in your energy, vision and am inspired.
In 6 months time you will learn to plant and grow
Respond to the earth and see what appears

Relishing in time
Time is a gift
All we have in life – is time
Time creates the space of which we live our life

AMENTA: “and so it is” with agreement


~ by Abeni El-Amin on March 16, 2010.