God Is In the Rain

In order to understand self
one must embrace one’s
Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual capabilities.
One must understand their special talents, charge and strengths.

One must not focus on their weaknesses.
Although you are highly intelligent,
And although your hard work may not yield;
high performance, efficacy or proven results.
It is high time that you are appreciative of self

Too often we are critical of our weaknesses
The world points out to us where we have faults,
Defaulting on the fact that in each, we are unique.

Ipsative surveys calculate;
personal ambitions, outward attrition and intrinsic possibilities.
Some say that humans have 5 Big Personalities that design life’s track.
They are: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and emotional stability.

One’s strength’s over time can be refined or if not developed properly can create an enormous crux. The vision becomes unclear because a catalyst wasn’t knowledgable, talented or aware enough to understand their purpose to motivate others for greatness to the world.

Humans need others for assurance, confidence and praise.
For those that do not receive a modicum of approval than their life’s quest becomes forever unknown.

Alchemist can create the momentum to make the air sing.
When a leader becomes a manager the vision can become quite plain.
A manager with no compassion does not have an innate ability
to motivate anything but an insane brain.

If we are serious about embracing the love, life, light within;
then we would be closer to understanding that
God is truly In the Rain.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on March 13, 2010.