Living Deliberately

What does it mean to live deliberately?
It is a question that boggles the mind
Does it mean to throw caution to the wind
Or lock into capitalism’s design

When you work hard to realize your dreams
you don’t want another to take you off track
you have planned, plotted and professed
your daily tasks scream, “Move out and attack!”

Compromise and Expression
are yet one and the same
if you love, with every breath
you pray your love will forever
whisper your name

For without it
It becomes clear that selfishness
is the game
for who the death toll bell will surely ring

In a society, we give up innate priorities
to make others happy and resolved
if we don’t, we will reap the stench
of social danger complete

No job, no money, no wife, no life
it is a choice and a promise
if you want to continue – freedom is yours
but perhaps, the depths of loneliness will prevail

It is virtually impossible to find
a mate that is understanding enough
so you find yourself in an uncomfortable bind
living your best life does not coincide
With your heart-throb’s desires

For a life lived deliberately
one must take risk
It is the nature and the tsk
inextricably, paradoxically


~ by Abeni El-Amin on March 3, 2010.