Upon Arrival

As the excitement mounts
waiting for the day to be rescued
She had experienced days filled with
up and downs, hunger, cold and rain
But when she dreamed a beautiful dream…..
this is how the dream scores went
As she mourned a life light spent

She heard a call from far away
“Are you okay, sweetheart?’
I need to keep your spirits up
I’ll try my best to keep you afloat emotionally
If you are hungry, I’ll feed you
If you are cold, I’ll heat you up my sweet
With fine wine aged to retrieve distinctive results
You see my mind and my soul are uniquely parallel”

Smiling at this far off distant apparition of loving
encouragement, well-wishes and prayer sentiments
She closed her eyes, slowed her breath, waited patiently
When he took escape from far and wide
He rushed to her, only to find
It was much too late, when they found her
She was pronounced dead upon arrival.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 24, 2010.