Unfinished Masterpiece

To He:
The masterpiece that was thought of, but never was:
It screamed a note of disbelief only love and loneliness could understand.
The clock turned and no one was there.
The room was dark, only a filter of sunshine illuminating through.
It was like a glimmer of hope where no hope was there.
If only he could hear her internal cries.
For she knew scant of the future he had prepared for her.

To She:
That future consisted of the present
and shared thoughts with no one but the heart of her.
My momma taught my eyes to listen to the kissing
to see if I could hear love on the lips of you…
My daddy taught me to open doors
and if the entrance to you is to your soul
then I should go through.

To He:
Lips do tell of the nerve endings felt
but by now the nerves are severed in disdain
because of a life filled with disappointment and pain
If the soul could speak you would shudder…by the cold winds
The entrance is barred with no key for entry
But for a solider who breaks the whisper of adversity


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 24, 2010.