I found a seed,
I couldn’t wait for it to grow
I planted the seed
Watered it,
Worried over it you see
It soon took root
Until it finally sprouted
And then it began to flower
the petals were shades of
orange, violet and blue
it was truly a sight to treasure
The foliage had sprang up
ivy green and luscious

I walked in one day to find the seed-flower
had been trampled
I was furious beyond belief
I couldn’t believe that someone or something
could be so vile, so cruel, so mean
Who or whatever didn’t give
the seed-flower a chance to grow
The plant languished in misery
The world would never know
its promise
for it was destroyed beyond repair

I cried a soulful wail,
thinking of the tale
This is what happens
when the beauty of the world
surpasses all but a beautiful,
lucky few
the rest of us must wonder
why the passing passed us by
It simply doesn’t matter,
what was I to do

I gingerly picked up the seed-flower
to determine next steps I would take
I soon found that just as hope was fore-gone
the seed-flower had taken on a spirit of its own

The seed-flower that I speak of is only a concept
The seed-flower make no mistakes or jest
It’s such a shocking shock to me
when they are shot down in their prime
especially those that would change
the very hands of time


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 23, 2010.