Long, tall, and frothy sweet
Is it victory or defeat?
Passivity is not kind
it’s a relative state of mind
If you are too shy or too unfocused
Don’t even try
If you’re a compulsive liar
walk on by
Your health has broken down
and you always get high
You live at home with mama
you always moan and cry
Your job is in a crux
you have no plans
or aspirations
It befuddles the mind
I think of Chinua Achebe
who wrote Things Fall Apart
A man who cannot survive
must run for the hills
or less a stone throws regret
to end up in a field
as fodder feed
It is a terrible fate
but it plants a seed
There is a turning point
for that sweet, carmel, resourceful guy
come hither, to and fro
If you do not lack
from your tender lips
I wish to taste fine cognac


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 22, 2010.