Romance and Daisies

Days long ago a gentleman would carry books and open doors
He would smile ever so coyly and write love poems
He might walk you home to your school girl delight
Whatever happened to princes in the night?

When you take a trip from far off
it will be him who will pick you up
on time he will be, never making you wait
he will greet with a kiss and a gift

When you tell him you are cold, hungry and wet
he will fulfill your beck and call, without a fret
All he wants do is make you happy
and not just so he can get the nappy

This man knows what he likes
He knows the value of life
He does not play run around games
For he knows his wife would do the same

You will know it when you feel it
It feels like heaven rains, root beer floats,
orange popscicles and candy canes
Before you can think it, he will show up quick

I love a man who enjoys being a man
A man with values, love and romance
Picking flowers whether they be marigolds, roses or tulips
I love a man who enjoys picking daises.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 20, 2010.

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