When I Love

When I Love
The moon shines brighter above
daynight, aftereve, noonlight
are words you will breathe

It is not difficult to see
the images of you and me
floating high in the sky
a balloon up high

When I Love
I will reassure you are often thought
I will give you strength that you desire
I will miss you in the midnight hour

When I Love
There should be no doubt
Our hearts woven together
Is just the start

When I Love
You will be happy more than sad
You’ll take an exciting voyage
The one you always dreamed you had

When I Love
My effort is to make you whole again
I try to hear your laugh and see your smile
Taste your lips and dream of your smell

You have a hard time trusting
that’s neither here nor there
baggage in the past
leave it, do you dare?

When I Love
I don’t want to hear
I’m too busy…
I assure you, I’ll be here my dear

If you have something on your mind
you must communicate
I strain to hear any cares
for it is a beneficent sign

We are tied to the hearts
some friends unspoken
or many loves broken
strife never tearing apart

When I Love
It feels like an explosion
fury, fire, fear
It’s just me holding you near


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 19, 2010.