It is in the Mississippi Delta there are flat low-lands
Where I could plant many Sunflower heads
I want to cover the entire valley
With their bright round faces abound

The great east winds blow south
The great west winds blow north
Unwavering and no matter what
Sunflowers bring happiness forth

Some are four feet
Some are five
Some command notice
Some would rather run and hide

Streets lined with Sunflowers
Could change the world
Vicious envious powers
Steal vision of precious pearls

When it’s all said and done
Rows upon rows of Sunflowers
Will take the place of
Rice and Cotton

To the dismay of industry men
Where the time clock bell chimes
Day in and day out, a new day begins
Sunflower presence signals new times


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 17, 2010.