I Want to Be Happy

You make me feel like a thousand hellos.
I think about the time we spend together and I melt into a thick buttery pool of wonderment.
I wonder how you came into my life and turned my heart of coal into a shining diamond; crystal, shiny and valuable again?
My days are UP like a helium balloon filled with luscious air sprite giggles.
Holding hands with you sends electric tingles of spark flys throughout my entire body.
Your touch reminds me of how your warm, sweet embrace fills my body with dulce le leche carmel delight.
When you stare into my eyes I am mesmerized by the questions that come to light.
This is exciting, because the answers are elusive.
Such beguiling joy making for the lover in me.
You make me feel like never, ever saying farewell.
This feeling: clear, sweet, pure.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 16, 2010.