Waterfall Melodies

It is the whisper of drifting thoughts that permeates my soul.
It is the indescribable mystery of stories untold.
As white-tailed bunny rabbits climb the grassy knoll.
Is it fear or hope that allows one to travel a windy road?

Poppy laced hills, bring springtime thrills.
It is at the foot of the valley that visions pool.
So much so, needed are lyrical pills.
Hot rocks bake, promoting silky drool.

Do you hear what I hear.
The closer you get serpent wails.
And Angelic tales.
Tracing willows and billows.

Harps, cymbals and tinkerbells.
As the conductor’s chest swells.
Percussion drums make heart-felt thuds.
Making waterfall melodies.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 15, 2010.