Rocky Road

It was yesterday that I felt down-trodden and filled with despair. Today, I am full of hope because of your love – sunshine rays are melting icy blue sadness away. Tomorrow you leave me stranded, alone and unloved.

I remember the times when mandarin oranges were juicy and bright? Where highway blues was met with wine house delight? Where the moon danced in round windows? Where walks taken on manicured lawns with white golf balls amidst? Where chiffon curtains billowed in the afternoon sun? Was it a time in thought and space?

I have never regretted a decision so much that I wish I could disappear from earth. I want to stand back and gaze in the looking glass and watch phenomena unfold without being affected by the sheer force of impact.

You see, love that’s lost was never there. It was an illusion all along. Rooms filled with smoking mirrors are bare. Look behind to see the future. I must look up to ease my loneliness. I pray the prayers I amass will keep me company.


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 10, 2010.