The Healing Waters

I am going to heal you
In such a way the Gods will be proud
They will look upon thee
with favor unbridled by none
You will begin to see brighter
The stars will spell your name
Your steps will become lighter
You will feel no more pain
How dare those who couldn’t see
your heart in its purity
Push you away to hell’s torment
You will feel the delight of rain
It is a moment away
this rain of wonderment
It is a look, a glance, a smile
It is the love within
It will cure your aching soul
No more loneliness or faint of heart
You cannot be the thwarter
If not full from the start
I am going to heal you
through medicine of
the spirit and the mind
Passion – will flow – completely
By Abeni El-Amin


~ by Abeni El-Amin on February 2, 2010.