A Utopia

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I am currently working on a design for a Uni-Party, where during presidential debates the top two contenders of the primary hash out issues on a comfy couch with their spouses by their side to offer moral support. The moderator would always be Oprah. The nation would laugh, cry, worry, and deliberate issues together because Oprah is just that good and because throwing barbs would be socially unacceptable. The true contest of the evening would be which bouquet of flowers each candidate would give to the others wife as a gesture of kindness and hospitality.

There would be campaign spending limits, in which candidates can only spend 5.00 per every registered voter. One of the debates would require a day of service, after which the candidates would convene over coffee to discuss their day. Votes would be cast using retina eye laser technology to significantly reduce voter fraud. No American would ever think to use race, gender, or religion as a reason not to consider qualified and vetted candidates. After the election, people would dance in the streets for the victor. The other candidate would joyfully serve in the President’s cabinet based on the best skills they have to offer.

 Both chambers would also exist under the Uni-Party and prior to convening for legislative duties would be required to do light exercises under the Capitol rotunda and after session required to enjoy 30 minutes of deep yogic meditation. Useless spending would be unnecessary because upon birth, each citizen is granted a government allotment which is calculated over a period of 100 years or a lifespan. If a person transitions prior to 100 years of age, the residual goes into an interest bearing account for those that live over 100. For those citizens that truly enjoy the free market system and thus prosper, they can donate their allotment to charities for overseas missions, technology research or the arts.

Our defense budget would adjust for inflation, but can also be deflated because world leaders in 2014 will adopt a plan that says if anyone instigates violence within or outside of their borders, they will immediately be stripped of their role and live out the rest of their life serving humanity in a soup kitchen in Calcutta. All food and water would be pure because no harmful additives will be injected. Obesity and most health issues will fade as a result.

The tax system exists as a flat fee of 27% for individuals and the private sector. For those that can afford more and are willing to invest, they can do so through the bond market and are guaranteed a 12% maturation rate, but bonds can only exist as a trust-fund for future generations; unless extenuating circumstances, requiring an act of Congress, (on the docket every two years)

The economic system would improve because every person is required to graduate with at least a functional community college degree that lends to society. Of course, there would still be competition in the market and in wages. If a person decides not to graduate for reasons of their own, they will become wards of the state and must contribute in meaningful ways, while earning a living wage. If they choose not to do so, they will be required to live in Hollywood and only allowed to play 3rd tier extra roles in horror films. For this work, they get paid half a living wage and for those that aren’t used in this service, they will be required to work in the west coast fishing industry to keep the nation feed with life-giving omega 3s. In this service, they are paid a living wage.

When children are born into our country, parents can choose to take a full year leave of absence to bond with the child, with pay. If one parent decides to be a stay at home parent to provide for the needs of the children, they are paid a salary to do so, but not based on how many children, but on service to the country. These resources are deducted from the citizen’s life fund and have absolutely no effect on the private sector.

The mentally ill are encouraged to live in communes that allow for plenty of fresh air, exercise, arts and crafts. They sell these crafts or perform their talents for a reasonable fee. In this way, these citizens contribute to society and the money they earn is used to plant beautiful vegetable and flower gardens for all to enjoy at no cost.

Immigration issues are no longer a concern because people are encouraged to study and experience this country, but must return to their homeland after a self-negotiated period. Immigrants are more than welcomed back as long as they go back to their homeland and provide a humanitarian service of their choice to their country men and women for a period of two years. If an immigrant desires to live in the country without prior requirements, they may work in the country, but pay into the citizen security system for their social service needs and retirement or based upon current age of entry, pay full restitution? If they cannot do this, the president and his wife will host a monthly dinner dance to wish them well on their departure. Of course, our benevolent government allows for extenuating circumstances to be determined by Congress and the Department of Immigration.

Civil and District courts becomes mediator driven because although society encourages passion, there are instances in which two-parties need a third party to intervene. People love to love and so there are rarely divorces in this society. Crime is rare because everyone have their basic needs provided for. Violence is prohibited in all forms. Anyone who commits violent crime such as killing, raping, beating, stabbing, child pornography, domestic violence, etc will be tried in a court of law and the jury will consist of middle school Mensa students who have been well-trained in the art of liberty and justice for all.


THE DILEMMA OF NOTHING PEOPLE ~ By Fellis McGuire and Abeni El-Amin

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MASTER at THE GREAT SCHOOL OF THOUGHT was passing by an UNDERSTUDY on campus one day and overheard the UNDERSTUDY mutter, “A Change Is Going To Come: I’ve met so many ‘nothing’ people, I’m waiting for God to bless me with a windfall of people with substance, love and compassion.”

The MASTER then asked, “What is a nothing person?”

The UNDERSTUDY replied, “A ‘nothing person’ is someone who is just a receiver, not a giver. A ‘nothing person’ is someone who lies despite their face. Someone you cannot count on for even a kind word or thought. A ‘nothing person’ is someone who doesn’t understand love, truth, joy and how intensified life becomes when you do.”

And the conversation followed as so…

MASTER: Interesting…what is a ‘something person’?

UNDERSTUDY: A ‘something person’ is someone who understands love, truth, joy and strives every second to share their atmospheric essence.

MASTER: Can something come from nothing…

UNDERSTUDY: ‘nothing people’ are a virus and thus must be ignored for fear of killing off ‘something people (s) atmospheric preponderance for creating ecstatic vibrations in the universe. ‘nothing people’ have their place because they provide balance; otherwise the earth as we know it would vibrate into white light. I just don’t want anything to do with ‘nothing people’ because I’m a ‘something person’ and I, as living organisms like me, have much work to do by putting off positive vibrations, less the earth we know it descend into a black hole.

MASTER: Most religious texts start with a creation story, where something comes from, The Void, Triple Blackness (that’s dark), nothing to speak of, dust, no-thing. As a something person shining your light, spare just a bit of it for one of those who may be able to see and like a seed, which is also nothing, germinate into a mighty tree. Don’t indulge, but rather, inspire and hold the way for any-thing that may stand in the light…if you want. 

UNDERSTUDY: A seed is something. ‘nothing people’ are not capable of being ‘something people’ because their purpose is to balance. The challenge is recognizing if people are something or nothing people as quick as possible, so one does not have to interact if they are ‘something people’. My extreme wish is that the earth vibrates into the white light.

MASTER: If that is to happen…your wish, then all would have to be…

UNDERSTUDY: ‘something people’.

MASTER: If no-thing has a purpose…a clearly determined path, then is it still no-thing?

UNDERSTUDY: Or we have to birth and develop more ‘something people’ than ‘nothing people’.

MASTER: Like yin and yang.

UNDERSTUDY: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yin and yang are propaganda tools if perceived in the human sense; only in the spiritual sense are they relevant, thus even white light needs balance to exist as such. Right now, the ‘nothing people’ are winning on earth —- I feel it. I am not weakened, but strengthened by the task to overcome the black hole.

MASTER: In looking at it as part of a whole, in other words, what is human, heaven and earthly but all extensions of spirit with perceived differences, is it really a war, is the yin to be overcome. Like the war between Hru and Set, it’s played out everyday to stalemate. Darkness has a place, a purpose and therefor, I question it’s place in what you put forth. I find darkness to be useful, if one approaches it with abandon and courage. Darkness is a result of the light, an effect of a cause. If there were no light then there would be no shadow aye??

UNDERSTUDY: Who needs shadows? They are not real.

MASTER: If you were in the middle of the desert facing the certainty of the sunrise, then the shade or shadow would be very real… 

UNDERSTUDY: I’d rather burn up and return to the white light; then be faced with illusions.

MASTER: If you were a child of the night would not the sun be an illusion…would you not mock the sun for being untrue, for if there were no sun…what would there be, and what is the only constant? What was before the intent of light??? What does it come from?? Nothing!!! Always something comes from nothing!

UNDERSTUDY: In the white light, there is no sun or moon. It’s not cold, nor hot. There are no shadows, it’s just white and each atom is part of the white. They are conscious and can be felt, thus in white light there is always something.

MASTER: So is there anything greater than the white light existence? Normally lights must be turned on or started in some way or another. I’m only asking because if there is a source from which we all come from which white light emanates; as I agree with what you say about white light. Can this source be divided into parts? In other words, can that which is whole and complete in totality solely, possibly be divided into white and dark light or is this another illusion or separator not to be confused with the source…if it is the source or at least part of the source then doesn’t it go to reason that it to, both nothing and something has purpose???

UNDERSTUDY: It’s actually the reverse. Everything starts from white light. SOMETHING happened…I don’t know. Maybe THE SOURCE feel in love and became weakened for a moment, thus in the sadness became darkness? Dark atoms have more strength and are more aggressive, than white atoms because white atoms are complacent. Dark atoms or ‘nothing people’ are resentful because they are not white atoms or ‘something people’. They know the only way for them to diminish the white atom is to outnumber them. They can either reproduce or destroy white atoms to do so.  White atoms are complacent because they exist as: love, truth, joy. There’s no comparison and no need to fight against its will.

MASTER: What you are saying is actually in reverse of everything we know about the way light behaves scientifically. It is actually the aggressor, and it is the darkness which is acted upon. This is also told in every creation story as a means of being able to do exactly what you are struggling with, making something out of nothing. The ‘no-thingness’ is always there, and then an active intent moves on it and requests for light to be present. Light then moves against it. Light moves to illumine the dark. Heat moves to heat the cold and on and on and on. White atoms aren’t complacent per se. They are in a state and doing their thing and aren’t buying into the drama. I think that’s the point I’m getting to. I don’t feel like it’s ‘an us’ against them. I know that I am them and they are me, so the drama isn’t played out for me. Because I can see, I can interact with those blessed others and shine even brighter as a result. I used to get down. I used to get sad, but that was when I believed in ‘an us’ against them, fight the power scenario. In letting go of the conspiracy I had to answer one question, do I believe the universe supports and loves me or is out to get me and hates me.

MASTER: (I) choose love.

UNDERSTUDY: If you peer in the mirror, is the reflection accurate or reversed?

MASTER: It is a reflection…of me and my own inner workings. Can I look into the mirror, the darkness and hold true to my light even when it’s gone?

UNDERSTUDY: Given what we know about the world today and how the earth is literally crying out, does it not make sense that much of ‘what we think we know’ is actually that which was created by ‘nothing people’ to destroy white atoms? Further, we know that entire spiritual texts have been altered to serve dark atoms. Why else would anyone tamper with white light knowledge, that being; love, truth, joy?

MASTER: If I listened to the media, went to a fundamentalist religious organization or wasn’t awakened, then I’d agree. Can a non-awakened person be dangerous, absolutely. The fact that they are and can be and that you must protect yourself shows that they have power and aren’t nothing.

UNDERSTUDY: The reflection of a mirror is reversed and only a mere reflection…not the real you. If you are a ‘something person’ and thus a white atom, you hold no darkness because darkness is not the other side of ‘white light’. White atoms and dark atoms are distinct. White atoms exist to exist. Dark atoms exist to destroy. Yes, they both have purpose, but not for the betterment of the creation. The creation story BEGINS… OUT OF DARKNESS…

A CREATION STORY – The Old Testament:

Genesis 1 — 1. In the beginning when God created* the heavens and the earth, 2. the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God* swept over the face of the waters. 3. Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light. 4. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.

MASTER: Yes…that’s the Genesis version…It was taken from the Pert em Heru or Book of the Dead, in which Amen takes on Ma’at to begin its work. Amen being the darkness of undifferentiated energy/matter, before a later manifestation of Amen-Ra as a force/life force. In the Egyptian metaphor the war is between Set and Huru, and never from the darkness from which we’ve all come.

UNDERSTUDY: The Latin word for earth is terra — Mirror image ‘arret’ or arrest; French — arrêt decision of a court, act of stopping. White atoms are on earth to arrest dark atoms. So how did the Creator arrest dark atoms??? He knew the power of dark atoms so the Creator…

Genesis 1 — God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.

MASTER: Again…I think if you want to make a case for patriarchy and all that’s wrong with the world, competition and all of that; then Genesis would be a great place to start…

UNDERSTUDY: White atoms and dark atoms are supposed to be separated, but soon populated among white atoms. They escaped the darkness and began to infect white atoms. We must be able to discern by staying very close to The Creator as The Creator is the only pure element.

MASTER: Either of the two…light and dark, fire and water, can be used to give life or destroy life. So your idea about is interesting, yet a bit too simple. Perhaps I’ve spent too much time at the edge of the abyss.

UNDERSTUDY: You cannot be a white atom and a dark atom…you must ask The Creator, nonetheless you already know the answer. If you are a white atom, you may have been at the abyss because you were infected by a dark atom. This occurs when white atoms (in living form) are abused mentally, physically, verbally, sexually, spiritually. I’m sorry this occurred to you. Dark atoms at the abyss experience want, greed, more want, desire and stop at nothing to escape the darkness into light; but they CANNOT be light atoms. Their nature soon infects white atoms because white atoms who are UNAWARE allow themselves to be infected because they: Love. Truth. Joy. Likewise, white atoms CANNOT be dark atoms, but will perish until their physical form returns to the light.  

SIMPLE: Love, Truth, Joy. Is it not true that if something is complex, it is meant to deceive?

MASTER: Thank you for the reminder. In shining my light, I will refrain from the actions of hate and negativity that are reserved generally for the dark. It is possible to, rather than fight a seeming opposite, to just move energetically toward the good…

…And the MASTER and the UNDERSTUDY vibrated as light to carry out their earthly mission: Love, Truth, Joy.



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No words shall go unspoken, ” I Love You. I apologize. I forgive you. I didn’t mean to hurt you. You are beautiful to me. I pray I made your life better by my presence. If I told a lil’ white lie, it was only to protect you. I hope I live in your heart forever. When I peered into your eyes, I searched for your soul. Thank you for anything you ever did, will do or prayer you said on my behalf. I know you see the GOD in me.” ~ To all those who passed before me and to those that I’ll pass along the way. Abeni 

Standing Guard

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In your eyes I can see a future that is bright and prosperous.
The bounty that lies within nurtures my soul.
For once I believe a man’s heart.
I didn’t think it was possible to enjoy such a loving touch.
Yet, you have the strength to move mountains with your spirit.

When you reached out to me, it was to offer coffee gold.
Since that day you blessed me with days of bliss.
You promise the world and persistently go after my dreams;
Its clear your dream is to ensure this woman of yore is happy on earth.
You dare not lose yourself because of the divine connection above.

The Lord is your delight.
You have provided a cottage on green.
You’ve made a cozy space to rejuvenate our souls.
You work hard; you dream big, you laugh with all your being.
You desire to provide a family of love, light and legacy.

I take glory in knowing the fire within you is me.
I protect.
I take stand.
I guard.
…The heart and soul of my man.

Musa Love

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When I was in The Gambia, West Africa, I met an eight year old child, Musa. He was impressive. He was very mature for his age. He woke up in the mornings to get water, kept the peace amongst his friends and smaller siblings, he even stopped by the outdoor kitchen to ask if could help sweep, cut vegetables, etc. Musa could be mature because he was in a family that loved him dearly. This young man-child learned how to be loved and how to love, then why do adult-men falter at Love?

Some men proclaim they are not ready for a woman. Is this statement derived from a fear of love? But what is, “LOVE”? Relationships tend to fail when people try to define LOVE. He doesn’t love me because he didn’t buy, can’t do, must not…. The mark of being in a loving relationship is when the lights go down and a couple can share their deepest fears, create joy and dream the possible dreams. When the lights go up, they love each other that much more. Joy, Love, Prosperity are amongst us. All one has to do is listen to a child laugh, smell a rose, and feel the wind blow.

Conversely, in an unsupported relationship, one will share fears, hopes, dreams, only to find the other person will chastise. Out of this chastisement are feelings of resentment which sets up a deep place of mistrust and disgust for the person who has violated sacred TRUST. When people don’t trust, they tend to shy away, begin to disrespect the other, even spend meaningful time with other people they trust. It is best to be in a supported relationship where one is valued.

Why be with a woman if she won’t listen to him, respect his decisions as a man, love him, cherish him, desire him, know when to be quite and listen to him lead? When the time comes, a grateful woman will come and share his PEACE.

Although there are intelligent, attractive, witty and compassionate women abound, there are accomplished men with women who they say have negative attributes. On the other hand, the outward reflection of the women some men choose is the inward reflection of the pain they face on the inside. Some men are enticed by nasty, lying, cheating, lazy, demeaning woman and are then heart-broken when she crushes his soul. Unfortunately, when the dust clears…he is left with nothing (no: resources, love, or patience). After which, he is pretty much useless to everyone, especially the good women who were waiting in the wings to love him in the first place.

To the man who is waiting for a woman who says; she loves the way I touch her, the way I whisper in her ear, the way I look in her eyes, the way I treat and how I make her feel must understand love. For those that don’t, join in the longing of poor souls crying into the night.

An American: Who am I, What am I, Where am I?

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The assassination of Troy Davis proves that in America:
It’s every man, woman, and child for themselves.
It doesn’t matter if you are black, white or indifferent.
If you don’t have appropriate representation, you are as good as dead.

The American Injustice system is flawed without a shawdow of a doubt.
The beings that operate within it, rule with ego, isms, and are illogical.
Isn’t Law the very discipline that hones the mind to be logical and rational?
Where is the logic in refuting a man a fair trial when the evidence is for the defense?

I have been bushwhacked, bamboozled, hoodwinked; Living in Candy Land.
To think the promise of America was bent towards justice; my head buried in the sand.
Where is the God in killing an innocent man?
Doesn’t the earth and wind bend under this demand?

The injustice of a system which cries out hope, but doesn’t deliver.
It’s like the veins of government are shot up with dope.
The US killed an innocent person, thus no reason to be sunny and bright.
How did they let this happen? Why didn’t they protest in the night?

Stop all the complaining. You can’t bring him back!
The US is WE. WE let this happen. SCREAM!!!
I don’t know what to do. I turn left…I turn right.
Trying to right wrong, paddling up a stream without a boat or a float.

Trying to stay alive in Babylon, say word mon?
Trying to deny the falling of the sun.
In the midst of it all, when the smoke clears…
WE, the children of the night whimper, scream and fight – each other…

No rest in the struggle. It’s apparent and clear.
Those who care must not stop until justice is here.
We must heal fast. Too much work to do in pain.
To wash my tears away; Lord, I wish it would rain.

They Are Born Innocent

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An unjust education is a means for capitalism instead of liberation. Whereas, the educational complex is a social dilemma to perpetuate mainstream ‘Psychological Chains of Slavery’ that bind young generations and prophetically tells their self-destruction. It’s a socialization process that produces mediocrity that ‘Makes Me Wanna Holler’.

I have watched youth who can’t control their loins; who then become parents too young. They are caught in an endless, cyclical parade of alcoholism, drug addiction and reliance on welfare. It’s if they can’t wake up because they’re in deep binding sleep. In a state of paralysis, watching media to sedate lost dreams and rotting visions. Educated or Not, this slumber state is a definite path for self-destruction.

The ‘Mis-Education’ has been too long, too deep, too ingrained. Not Dubois, Douglas or Sista Soildier can save you now. The perceived American Dream is Kryptonite and has hold. It wasn’t your fault. You were born into a world that’s wavering and cold. How does one uncloak the shell to see brighter days? The answer is in the soul that speaks from before Africans were sold.